“Friends of DeKalb Schools”

That’s the new name of our education committee.  This is a NON-PARTISAN committee formed by the Libertarian Party of DeKalb County currently focused on bringing transparency to our public school system. Our only goal at this time is to gently persuade the school board members to post the school system check register online. Our approach is to talk individually with each board member (or candidate) to let them know that this is being done by school districts all over the country (for instance the whole state of Alabama and the largest school district in the country – New York City), and has not been a problem or a hassle or a big expense, but instead shows the board’s commitment to transparency. When we have gotten a reading on the feelings of all the board members (and the candidates) on this action item, we will seek to get this on the agenda of a school board meeting.

To get up to speed on this process, please see www.peytonwolcott.com.

An alternative approach which members of the committee can work on as desired is to advocate legislation at the state level to have all school districts throughout the state put their check registers online (including, of course, our county). A sample of this legislation can be found in Appendix B of the article “They Spend WHAT? The Real Cost of Public Schools”, by Adam Schaeffer, http://www.cato.org/pubs/pas/pa662.pdf

This committee primarily works through e-mails and phone calls between the members, but whoever is able to meet once a month to catch up on the news and meet face-to-face is also welcome. We meet at The Famous Pub at 7:00 PM on the first Tuesday of each month.  To be placed on the phone and e-mail discussion, please e-mail David Montané at “me-at-davidmontane-dot-com”.



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2 responses to ““Friends of DeKalb Schools”

  1. Thank you for contacting me via telephone this evening.

    I think it would be a wonderful idea to post the DCSS check register online so that the taxpayers may have a complete and transparent understanding of the expenditures. I believe if this information was available the DCSS would start to regain some trust from the community and could also be held completely accountable
    should funds be mishandled.

  2. I would like to communicate to your readers that I emailed your group on September 24th and discussed my support for an “on-line check register” and other open governance practices that would benefit students and taxpayers in DeKalb County. I encourage you to visit my website at http://www.nancyjester.com and read my blog entry on 9/14/2010 which details my “LASSO” plan. The “O” stands for Open Governance and I specifically call for an on-line check register.
    If you have any questions for me, please contact me at 678.360.1148 or email me at nancyjester@gmail.com.
    –Nancy Jester

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